Bucket of Cash

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Tony ambled into a bar, and noticed a bucket behind the counter filled
to the brim with cash.

"Is there a contest on to win that dough?" Tony asked the bartender.

"Yep," the barkeep responded, "It costs $50 to enter, and then you have
to do three things: First you've got to knock out Spike, our 300-pound
bouncer. Then we've got a pit bull out back with an abscessed tooth,
and it's up to you to yank it out. Finally, the 90-yearold lady who owns
this place is upstairs. If you can give her a multiple-orgasm, all the
money's yours."

Tony was up for it. He paid the fee and approached the hulking
doorman. With a single blow, Tony knocked Spike cold.

Triumphant, Tony stormed into the bar's backyard. The patrons listened
to the pit bull's ferocious bark for several minutes, which was followed
by a series of hysterical yelps.

Covered with nicks and scratches, Tony reentered the saloon and yelled:
"Two down! Now where's that old broad with the abscessed tooth?"

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