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In 1917 a new recruit was walking down the Company street, and coming
toward him was another 'soldier', so he said, "Hey, bub. Do you have a
match?" To which the other 'soldier' lit the recruit's cigarette, The
recruit said, "Thanks, bub." As the recruit passed the next building,
an arm with 3 stripes reached out, and pulled him behind the building.
The 3 striper said, "Do you know who that was that you just said 'bub,
can you give a light?' The recruit said he didn't, to which the 3
striper said, "THAT WAS GENERAL PERSHING!!!!!" The recruit hurried
back down the street, and pulled up in front of the General, saluted
as best he could, and said, "General I am sorry about the way I asked
you for a match, and didn't salute, but I have only been in the Army
for three days."

The General said, "That is alright, son, but for God's sake, NEVER DO
THAT TO A 2ND LT.!!!!!"

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