Vow of Silence

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The novice arrived at the monastery and quickly reported to the head monk for his instructions.

"Now young man, I want to remind you of your vows of silence", began the seasoned friar. "However, what you may not realize is that after one year, you are allowed to utter 2 words".

The younger man nodded his assent.

After a year had gone by, the novice was summoned again to the head monks office. Upon entering, he was greeted and told that his 1st year was up and that it was time for him to speak his 2 words.

"Bed's hard", announced the young man, to which the elder merely nodded his head and excused the lad.

Another year passed and again the ritual was repeated. The aged monk again asked for the monk's 2 words.

"Food stinks" he replied, and he was again excused.

The 3rd anniversary finally arrived and again the young monk appeared and was prompted again for the 2 words.

"I quit" he announced.

The senior monk sighed and said " Well, I'm not surprised. All you've done since you got here was complain!"

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