Short course in logic

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These two redneck fellas think that they've moved pretty far up in the world, and that the only way that they can better themselves is to further their education. So the one goes to the college administrator to sign up for some classes. The administrator immediately signs him up for math, english, history, and logic.

" Logic? Was' logic?"

" Logic is, well. Let me put it to you this way. Do you have a weedeater?"

" I sure do."

" Then, since you have a weedeater, I can assume that you have a yard."

" Well I'll be tarred and feathered! How did you know that?"

" I used logic. Now by diving even further, I can say that if you have a yard then you must have a house."

" By golly you're right."

" And since you have a house, I can assume that you have a wife."

" Yeah I do, you're amazing!"

" And finally, since you have a wife, I can come to the conclusion that
you are heterosexual."

" I have been since before I can remember. Wow! This logic is some
amazing stuff."

So the fella goes home that night and runs into his buddy, and his buddy
asks:" So whad ya sign up fer?"

" Well I'm gonna take me some math, english, history and logic."

" Logic? Was' logic?"

" Here let me put it to you this way. You got a weedeater?"

" Nope."

" You're queer ain't ya?"

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