A Dog in Heat

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A moron takes his dog for a walk. After awhile he gets thirsty so
he ties his dog to a parking meter in front of a bar and goes in for
a couple of beers. After he has been there for an hour or so the local
policeman enters the bar.

"Whose dog is tied up out front?"

The moron responds, "That's my dog. Is there a problem officer?"

"Well she's in heat," says the cop."

"Oh, she'll be all right. It's shady out there."

"That's not what I mean. Your dog needs bred."

"I gave her a half of a loaf this morning. She's fine."

At this point the policeman is becoming a little upset. "Listen
fellow. You don't seem to understand what I am talking about. That
dog needs to be screwed.

"Go right ahead officer, I've always wanted a police dog."

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