A Cajun's Guide to Computer Terminology

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APPLE - Tante Nah-Nah's favorite pie

AUXILIARY POWER - a shot of Jack Daniel's before having sex

BACKUP - what you do when you come across an alligator in the swamp

BAR CODE - fighting rules at the City Bar in Eunice

BOOT UP - the best weapon to use when fighting at the City Bar

BUG - the reason you give when you call in sick

BYTE - what your pit bull did to Aunt Esther

CHIP - a meadow muffin you avoid stepping in

CRASH - what you do when you go to T-Boy's crawfish boil uninvited

DISKETTE - a female disco dancer

FAX - what you lie about to the IRS

HACKER - your reward after 40 years of smoking

HARD COPY - a picture you view before selecting a tattoo

INTERNET - where cafeteria workers keep their hair

KEYBOARD - a place to hang the keys to your camp on Grand Isle

MAC - Broussard's favorite fast food

MEGAHERTZ - how your head feels after too much Budweiser

MODEM - what you did to your tall grass

MOUSE PAD - Mickey and Minnie's condo

NETWORK - scooping up a fish with your net

ON-LINE - where to stay during your field sobriety test

PC - pork chops

ROM - where the Pope lives

SCREEN - helps keep the mosquitoes off the front porch

SERIAL PORT - wine that you have with breakfast

SILICON VALLEY - where Dolly Parton lives

SUPERCONDUCTOR - Amtrak's employee of the year

WINDOW - what you peek out to see what your neighbor's up to

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