Nice guys finish last

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John came home with big shiner, his wife inquired what had happened.
Well, John said, "I was at the bar having a few on the way home with
the boys, and just as I was leaving ....this women got up and she had
a wedgie. Thinking she would be embarrassed, I pulled it out. She
turned around and punched me in the eye."

A few weeks passed, and John returned home with another Shiner. When
his wife saw this she exclaimed, "Oh! no, not again!"

"No!" yelled John. "I was at the same bar with Thomas from work, and
he saw the same women who hit me. Just as she got up to leave, she
had another wedgie, and Thomas went up to her and pulled it out.
Knowing that she didn't like that, I ran over and shoved it back in."

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