How to Make a Baby

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One day a five year old little girl excitedly approached her mother,
and announced that she had learned how you get a baby.

The mother was amused and said "Oh really sweetie, why don't you tell me
all about it?"

The little girl then explained, "Well...the mommy and daddy take of all
of their clothes, and the daddy's wiener stands way up high, and the
mommy kneels on the floor and puts the daddy's wiener n her mouth, and
then the daddy's wiener sort of explodes and makes sticky juice into the
mommy's mouth, and then the mommy swallows the sticky juice, and that's
how you get a baby."

The mother looked lovingly at her daughter, leaned over to meet her eye
to eye and said, "Oh honey, that's sweet, but that's not how you get a
baby. ...that's how you get jewelry."

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