Adult Report Card

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One day a little girl goes up to her mom and asks her how
old she is. "That's not something adults like to tell," her
mother replies.

Then the little girl asks her mother how much she weighs.
"That's not something adults like to talk about," she replies.

"How come you and daddy got a divorce?" the little girl asks.
"We don't like to talk about that either, honey." she says,
ending the conversation.

The next day the little girl asks a friend about why her mother
wouldn't answer any of her questions.

The friend explains: "It's an adult thing. Just look at her
driver's license, it's like a report card for adult's. It will
tell you everything you need to know."

So when she got home from school she went up to her mother and
said, "Mommy, I know how old you are."

"How old?" her mother asked.


The little girl said: "I know how much you weigh."


"Yeah, you weigh 135 pounds. And I know why you and daddy got

"Okay, why is that?" her mom said. And the little girl replied,
"Because you got an F in sex!"

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