Air Crash

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A blonde woman, a black woman and a hispanic woman were traveling
across the country by jet. Half way through the trip, the pilot comes
on the intercom and announces, "I have some bad news. We are having
major engine trouble and a crash is inevitable, so please prepare

The blonde immediately opens her purse and frantically touches up her
makeup. The hispanic woman say, "What are you doing? We're going to
crash! We're not going to a party!"

The blonde answers, "I know, but I heard that they always save the
beautiful people first in a crash."

The hispanic woman then goes through her purse and puts on every bit
of jewelry she has and puts on the beautiful new sweater she was
taking to her mother as a gift.

The black woman see this and asks, "Girl, are you crazy? What are you

The hispanic woman says, "I heard, that in a crash, they always look
for the rich people first."

The black woman then jumps up and removes her skirt and panties. The
other two women ask her what she is doing.

"I don't know where you two get your information, but when I see a
plane crash on the news, the most important thing is finding the black

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