Spice up your sex life

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A guy is sitting in a bar one night and talking to one of his drinking
buddies about how the spark is going out of his marriage. Well, the
drinking buddy says, "You know, the same thing happened to me and my wife
after being married about as long as you two have been, so I'll tell you
what we did. We went to this Doctor Friedman, see, and he really helped
our sex life. I'll give you his number."

The guy's drinking buddy writes the number down on a cocktail napkin and
slips it to him, and the guy rushes right home and tells his wife about it.

She is willing to try anything to get a better sex life, so they call of
the Doc and make an appointment.

When they go in to see him, the doctor tells them to take off all their
clothes so he can examine their working parts. They do as they are told,
and after examining the man and his wife, the doctor says, "Yes, by the
looks of things, I can help you. What I want you to do is go to the store
and buy some grapes and a box of donuts. When you get home, you, sir, will
lie down naked on your bed. Your wife will open the box of donuts and
proceed to play a little game of ring toss. Once she gets a donut around
your love pole, she will crawl over to you and eat it off. Then it is her
turn. She must sit on the floor with her legs spread to the hilt, and you
will try to roll the grapes into her love canal. One you make one, you
will crawl to her and eat it, and then you will have sex, and it will be
the best sex you've ever had in your life."

The couple does as they are told, proceed to play the love game, and
really did end up having the best sex of their life that night.

The next day, the guy was telling the other men he worked with about what
had happened, and one guy turned out to be having the same problem, so
asked for the doctor's number. The first guy gives it to him, and then the
guy's coworker makes an appointment for he and his wife to see the doctor.

They go through the same examination as the first couple, but this time
the doctor says, "I'm sorry, I can't help you."

The couple plead with him, whining about their miserable love life, and
finally the doctor gives in.

"Fine," says the doctor, "On your way home, stop by the store and get some
apples and a box of Cheerios..."

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