One Wish

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There was a man walking down a beach in california. he stumbles across a lamp, and out comes a genie. "I'm sick of granting wishes, so you only get one wish", says the genie. The man thinks for a minute, then replies: "I never been to Hawaii before. I'm too scared to fly, and I get seasick. So I want a bridge built to hawaii". The genie replies "That's too big of a wish". Think of the Longistics of that. Think of how much concreate, how much steel. How would the supports ever reach the bottom of the pacific?" No, no, think of another wish", says the genie. The guy thinks for a minute and says "I never really understand my wife. What do women mean when they give you the silent treatment? What do women mean when they start staring, and making gestures at you. I wish I could really understand women better. The genie replies: "You want that bridge 2 lanes or 4".

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