Old Enough to Cuss

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There are two boys, one ten and one eight. They're upstairs, ready to go downstairs for breakfast. So the first boy says to his younger brother, "You know, Joey, I'm ten and you're eight. We're old enough now to start cussing. What do you think?"

Little brother answers, "Yep!"

Then big brother says, "Tell you what, this morning I'll use the word 'damn' and you use the word 'hell'. OK?"

"OK. Got it," little brother says.

So the two boys are downstairs and mom is getting breakfast ready. She says to the older boy, "What type of cereal would you like for breakfast this morning?"

"Oh, I don't give a damn," the boy says.

At this response the mother grabs the boy by the collar, slaps him across the face a couple of times, and then orders him to go upstairs without anything to eat. Turning to the younger boy the angry mother says, "And what do YOU want for breakfast?"

"I don't know," the kid answers, "but it sure as hell isn't cereal!"

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