Backseat Blonde

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A blonde and a guy were out on a date and they ended up at "Lovers Cove"
where they were making out. The guy thought that things were going pretty
good and maybe he would get lucky tonight, so he thought that he would ask
her if she wanted to go in the back seat.

"NO!" yelled the blonde.

The guy just figured that she wasn't ready yet. Things got pretty hot and
the guy thought he would try again.

"NO!" the blonde yelled again.

Things got even hotter and the blond was down to her bra and the guy even
had her pants unzipped.

"Do you wanna go in the back seat yet?" asked the guy.

"For the last time, NO!" said the blonde. Frustrated, the guy asked, "Well,
why the hell not?"

The blonde looked at him and said, "Because I wanna stay up here with you."

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