Buy the farm

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A farmer and his wife decide to sell their land so they can move to
Florida and retire. A prospective buyer comes by and likes the place, but
there's only one problem: He's deathly afraid of bees and,on a tour of the
property, he noticed a lot of them. The farmer says, "There's always been bees around here, but in the 30 years I've owned the farm, I've never been stung

I'll tell you what. "Take off your clothes and let me tie you to
that tree over there. If you're stung by a single bee, I'll give you the farm
for nothing. But if you don't get stung, you have to buy the farm at my
asking price. The guy figures the possibility of a free farm is too good to
pass up, so he agrees to the farmer's deal. The farmer ties him naked to
the tree and goes to work in the fields. A few hours later, the farmer
returns, only to find the man in a state of total exhaustion. He's a complete
wreck. His knees are buckling and the only things holding him up are the tiny straps securing him to the tree trunk. The farmer is shocked. "What on
earth happened to you?" You're a mess! Did the bees get you?"

"No," says the man, "but doesn't that Calf have a mother?

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