New Carpet

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A carpet installer was laying new living room carpeting in a large
mansion. After laboriously pulling, stretching, and tacking the carpet,
he finally finished, and gratefully sat back to enjoy a cigarette.
Reaching into his shirt pocket, however, he found that his cigarettes
were gone, and looking toward the center of the room, he saw a bulge the
size of a cigarette pack under the new carpeting. He of course had no
intention of pulling up the carpet, so instead he took a large mallet,
and he pounded the lump flat, so it could not be seen.
He then hopped in his truck and headed back to the office. On the way, he
found his cigarettes in the glove compartment.
Just then his cellular telephone rang. When he answered it, he discovered
it was the dispatcher from his office. The dispatcher said that the
homeowner had just called them in a terrible panic.
It seems their son's favorite pet hamster was missing. Had the carpet
layer seen the hamster while he was in the house?

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