The Fly

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As an Englishman, an Aussie and a Scotsman are sitting in a pub,
quaffing a few flies buzz down from the ceiling and lazily circle
each drinker. Suddenly "buzzzzzzzzzploooop", each fly does a
kamikazi dive into a different glass. The Englishman takes a
disgusted look at his pint, dips the fly out with a spoon, flicks
the fly over his shoulder, and drains the glass.
The Aussie notices the fly as he puts the glass to his lips. With
a quick puff he blows the bug out in a cloud of foam, and tosses
the beer down in one gulp.
Then, as they both look on, awestruck, the Scotsman gently grasps
the fly by its wings, lifts it out of his brew and shakes it off.
Then, in a firm voice he speaks to the fly: "Ther y'are now laddie,
safe and sound. NOW SPIT IT OOOOT!!!!!"

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