Moses and Jesus play golf

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One day Moses and Jesus were playing golf. They were at the tee of a
beautiful par 3, with a lake right in the middle of the fairway. Moses
selects a 5 iron, tees-up his ball and swings. His ball sails very high
and lands in the middle of the lake. He mutters to himself and tees-up
a second ball, this time selecting a 4 iron. This shot was perfect; landing
right in the middle of the green.

Jesus pauses for a moment to ponder his club selection. "Hmmmm.....
Tiger Woods would use this", he says as he picks up a 5 iron.

"But, Jesus. My 5 iron shot ended up in the lake. You should use a 4 iron!"

"Nope. Tiger would use a 5", insisted Jesus.

So, Jesus swings hard and alas his shot ends up in the middle of the lake
too. Jesus strolls over to the lake and walks out on the water to retrieve
his ball. As Jesus is walking on the water trying to locate his ball a
foursome comes up to the tee, sees a man walking on the water and one of them
exclaims, "Who does he think he is? Jesus Christ?"

"No", explains Moses, "He is Jesus Christ. He *thinks* he's Tiger Woods."

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