You know you've worked at Dominos too long if

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1) Somebody asks you for directions and instead of telling them "it's about a
mile down that way," you give them the exact odometer reading.

2) Somebody mentions a name around you and you tell them all of the houses
where that person may live.

3) You know all of the houses for rent, for sale, and could do a better job
than a reality company.

4) You won't deliver to specific houses because you know that they NEVER tip,
even though they own two Porsches and a pool.

5) You could drive to work blindfolded and know exactly where to swerve and
miss potholes.

6) You brag about 10 inches being called small.

7) You start making faces on the pizza with the pepperoni's.

8) You go to bed at 4AM and don't want to get up until noon.

9) You are the worst back seat driver ever and tell them "you should have
turned back there, it would have saved you 30 seconds."

10) Your friends, enemies, and parents refer to you as "the pizza dude" and
laugh at you all the time.

11) YOU tell the Wal*Mart freak to "have a nice day" before they do.

12) You wake up in the middle of the night sweating and screaming "gotta
be!!!! gotta be!!!!"

13) You start to convulse every time you see a Dominos commercial.

14) Somebody mentions pizza around you and all you can do is cry in a fetal
position while whimpering for mommy.

15) Spam starts to sound good to you.

16) You decide that the best place to spend your measly vacation is the
Dominos national headquarters.

17) When answering your phone at home you accidentally say, "Thanks for
calling Dominos, how can I help you?" and your friends place an order.

18) You have bragging rights for being the quickest to fold a set of small
boxes and are still awaiting word on your appeal for second place on large

19) You have a hit list of all of those drunk bastards that have made fun of
you for looking like a dork (target).

20) You actually don't mind making stupid humor lists like this, which will
later incriminate you in the future as a Dominos driver.

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