The Top 10 Signs That the Easter Bunny Doesn't Have a Sex Life

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10. Spends too much time just hopping instead of bar hopping.

9. Afraid that excessive nibbling will turn fatal (chocolate bunnies with big ears only).

8. His 2500+ kids keep interrupting him and the missus.

7. Hopping around the world in one day does tend to sap your strength.

6. It's hard to get some with egg paint on your fur.

5. Has absolutely no time to cuddle afterwards and that is a requirement these days.

4. Saving himself for the Energizer bunny.

3. Everyone knows about the size difference between a rabbit and a bunny.

2. Constantly compared to the hare and that 'slow and steady wins the race' line really pisses him off in bed.

And the Number 1 Sign that the Easter Bunny doesn't have a Sex Life . . .

1. Never has anytime to get together with his Playboy cousins.

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