Things cost money

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A man goes to Las Vegas for a trade show. He's been married 27 years
and has always been faithful to his wife. But when he sees all the
gorgeous women in Vegas he thinks to himself that for once he's going
to have an adventure. So he calls an escort service and arranges for
a prostitute. The prostitute arrives and he loses his nerve. Not
wanting to look like an idiot, he asks for the price of a hand-job.
The prostitute says $250. He's astounded at the price and protests.
The prostitute tells him to look out the window at the Rolls Royce
parked at the curb, and says "that cost two hundred thousand dollars.
I paid cash for it with $250. hand-jobs. I guarantee it'll be the
best one you ever had." He agrees, pays the $250. and gets the
service, which is the best hand-job he ever had.

Next night he's feeling brave, and calls the same prostitute this time
asking for a blow-job. The prostitute tells him it'll be $1000. He
protests the price again, and again the prostitute points out the
window, this time saying "see that strip plaza shopping center across
the street? It cost three million, and I paid cash for it with $1000.
blow-jobs. I guarantee you've never had a blow job as good as I
give." Remembering the hand-job, he agrees to the price, and it is
the absolute best oral sex he ever had.

The following night, feeling more confident, he calls the same one
back, and this time asks for straight sex. The prostitute sighs and
points out the window, saying "Do you see that 40 storey office
building in the next block? It's worth a hundred million dollars.
You know, if I had a vagina, I could own that."

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