You might be a Cajun if....

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You might be a Cajun if.....
* you start an Angel Food Cake with a roux.
* watching "Wild Kingdom" inspires you to write a cookbook.
* you think the head of the United Nations is Boudreaux-Boudreaux Gulliory.
* you think a lobster is a crawfish on steroids.
* you think boudin, hogshead cheese, and Bud is a bland diet.
* you think Groundhog Day and Boucherie Day are the same holiday.
* you take a bite of 5-Alarm Chili and reach for Tabasco.
* Fred's Lounge in Mamou means more to you than the Grand Ole Opry.
* you have "envie" for something instead of a craving.
* you use a No. 3 Washtub to cover your Lawnmower or outboard in your yard.
* you use a gill net to play tennis, badminton, or volleyball.
* you use two or more pirogues to cover your newly planted tomatoes to protect them from a late frost.
* the horsepower of your outboard motor is greater than the motor in your car.
* you pass up a trip abroad to go to the Crawfish Festival In Breaux Bridge.
* your favorite TV talk show is Okra Winfrey.
* your children's favorite bedtime story begins with "First you make a roux..."
* your school teaches the four basic food groups as broiled seafood, boiled seafood, fried seafood, and beer.
* you're asked to name the "Fab Four" and answer, "Paul Prudhomme, John Folse, Justin Wilson, and Vernon Roger.
* your description of a gourmet dinner includes the words "deep fat fried".
* you think the Mason-Dixon line is at Bunkie.
* you let your black coffee cool and it gels.
* you describe a yard of boudin, and cracklin as "breakfast".
* your mama announces each morning, "Well, I've got the rice cookin'...what will we have for dinner?"
* none of your potential vacation destinations are north of the Old Mississippi River Bridge.
* you refer to Louisiana winters as "Gumbo Weather".
* you get a disapproving look from your wife, and describe it as "She passed me a pair of eyes".
* you think of gravy as a beverage.
* you greet your long, lost friend at the Lafayette Regional Airport with "aaaaeeeeeeeeee".
* you sit down to eat boiled crawfish and your host says "Don't eat the dead ones", and you know what he means.
* you learned bouree' the hard way . .. holding yourself upright in your crib.
* you don't know the real names or your friends, only their nicknames.
* you gave up Tabasco for Lent.
* you know the difference between Zatarain's, Zeringue, and Zydeco.
* you can look at a rice field and tell how much gravy it will take to cover the rice.

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