Bar Hopping

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Two bums decided to go bar hopping. To their predicament, they only
have 10 dollars between the two of them. "Hey I got this idea" said
the first bum. "Let's go buy a dildo, and once we've drink a few
beers, you place the dildo between your legs and I'll pretend I'm
giving you head. For sure they'll throw us out, then we don't have to
pay anything."

"Great idea", said the 2nd bum. So after a few rounds of beer in the
1st bar, they proceeded with their plan. Indeed they were thrown out
and did not have to pay for the tab. After being thrown out of 5
bars, the first bum said "Hic, Let's call it a night. I'm dead drunk.
Give me the dildo and we'll do it again tomorrow." The 2nd drunk
answered, "Hic, sorry, I lost the dildo .. hic..when they threw us out
of the first bar."

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