Choice of drink

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An English taxidermist, is sweating his way through the Australian
outback when he comes across a bar. He staggers in between the beer
swilling locals and, in his well educated voice, asks the bartender,
"May I have a gin and tonic, please, my good man."

One of the locals says to his mates, "Geez, cobbers, what kind of a
fucking man's drink is that?"

Then, turning to the Englishman, "Hey! You! Yes you, you fucking Pom!
Gin and fucking tonic are you some fucking kind of a poofter or

"Ac...actually," the englishman, terrified, replies, "I'm a

"Oh yeah? And what's a taxidermist, then?"

"I mount d..d..dead animals."

"It's alright, cobbers," says the local, turning to his mates, "he's
one of us!"

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