Boat ride

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Fred and Edith were living in the Old Folks Home. One day, Fred says
to Edith, "Hey, Edith! You wanna go for a boat ride?" Edith says,

So, there they were paddling along... and they come to a fork in the
river. Fred says, pointing to the left and then to the right,
"Edith... up or down?" Edith says, "What??" Fred, again, pointing to
the left and then to the right, says "Up... or down?" Well, Edith
starts RIPPING her clothes off, then rips the clothes right off of
Fred's back and starts screwing the hell out of him! When they're
finished, Fred rows back to the Old Folks Home *extremely* happy.

The next week, Fred says "Edith (wink, wink) wanna go for a boat ride?
(wink, wink)" Edith says, "Why, sure!" So, there they go, Fred
paddling like a madman, trying to reach the fork in the river. They
reach the fork and Fred turns anxiously to Edith and says, "Edith! Up
or down!?" Edith looks at the fork in the river and says, "Oh... up, I
guess." Fred looks at her confused and repeats, "Edith... UP or DOWN?"
Edith, again looks at the fork and repeats, "UP." Fred, looking quite
confused says "Edith... what is with you? Last week I said 'up or
down' and you tore your clothes off and screwed me like a madwoman!"
Edith, shocked says: "Is THAT what you said? UP or DOWN?
Omigosh... my hearing aid was in the shop getting fixed last week... I
thought you said 'Fuck or Drown'!"

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