Older Lovers

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An elderly couple were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and
they decided to go to the small town where they first met.

Inside the cafe they use to frequent the man said to the woman.
"Remember the field where we first made love? I propped you up against
the fence."

She nodded her head yes. "Why don't we go there and do it again for old
times sake?"

Giggling she agreed. Not noticing but a police officer was in the next
booth and heard the conversation. He thought he'd better follow them
and make sure no one disturbs them.

The couple got to the field, took off their clothes and the man placed
they gyrated all over the fence. He watched as they did things he never
even thought of doing.

After five minutes they stopped, fell to the ground and slowly got up
and dressed themselves.

As they approached the bushes the policeman stepped out and said "I just
followed you to make sure no one bothered you. That was the most
wonderful love making I've ever seen. You must have been a wild couple
when you were young."

"Not really," replied the old man. "When we were young that fence
wasn't electric."

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