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This is really spooky..... An anagram, as you all know, is a word or
phrase made by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. The
following are exceptionally clever. Someone out there either has way
too much time to waste or is deadly at Scrabble.

Word - When you rearrange the letters

Dormitory = Dirty Room
Desperation = A Rope Ends It
The Morse Code = Here come Dots
Slot Machines = Cash Lost in 'em
Animosity = Is No Amity
Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler
Snooze Alarms = Alas! No More Z's
Alec Guinness = Genuine Class
Semolina = Is No Meal
The Public Art Galleries = Large Picture Halls, I Bet
A Decimal Point = I'm a Dot in Place
The Earthquakes = That Queer Shake
Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one
Contradiction = Accord not in it
Astronomer = Moon Starer
Princess Diana = End Is A Car Spin


Year Two Thousand = A Year To Shut Down

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