The Top 12 Hot Toys This Holiday Season

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12> Seattle Protest Barbie -- Complete with painted sign, handcuffs, and double-tall latte! (Anarchist Ken sold separately)

11> The Al Gore Doll -- So real, it's almost life-like!

10> Toy Story 2 adult action figures -- Buzzed Lightyear and Morning Woody

9> H2-Oh! -- Pop it in the freezer and it magically becomes a cold, frosty treat!

8> Celery Monster -- Cookie Monster's anorexic sister

7> Day Trader Barbie -- comes with notebook computer, cell phone, 9mm handgun and emergency cyanide pill

6> My First Nipple Ring -- Be the first on your block to be banned by your friends' Moms!

5> Lower G.I. Joe -- Teaches your youngster the joy of colonic irrigation

4> PokeYerMom Oedipal Trading Cards

3> Playskool Oval Office -- If the house is a rockin', don't come a knockin' (until it's your turn!).

2> Crips 'n' Bloods Operation -- "Use the forceps to remove the cap from your ass! But don't set off the buzzer!"

and the Number 1 Hot Toy this Holiday Season...

1> Potty Training Taco Bell Chihuahua -- Teaches Junior where to "Drop the Chalupa"

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