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A newly ordained preacher and his young wife were talking about
being more considerate of each other. The good wife promised that
she would stop being so critical of his sleep-inducing sermons. He,
in return, promised to honor her privacy and stop looking through
her dresser drawers.

The preacher was true to his word, and never looked through his
wife's dresser drawers; the good wife was never openly critical of
her husband's sermons; and their marriage progressed smoothly.

After 50 years, their children gave a great party to celebrate the
golden anniversary of the preacher and his wife. Many people came
to congratulate the happy couple, and brought lovely gifts.

That evening, as they were putting the gifts away, the preacher saw
that his wife had left one dresser drawer slightly open. He tried
as hard as he could to withstand the temptation, but he finally
opened the drawer and looked inside. There he found 3 eggs, and
$10,000.00, in bills of varied denominations. He was greatly
puzzled by this, and went to question his wife.

"Oh," she said. "Well, you remember when we spoke of being more
considerate with each other all those years ago?"

The preacher, feeling profoundly guilty, answered "yes."

"Well," she continued, "I promised to stop criticizing your boring
sermons, but every time you gave a sermon that was a real snoozer, I
put an egg into that drawer."

The preacher smiled. "Well, that's not so bad. 50 years of sermons
and only 3 eggs! But what about all that money?"

His wife quietly responded, "Every time I got a dozen eggs, I sold

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