Dirty Bird

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A woman wanted a pet to keep her company at home while her husband was
off at work and the children were in school. After some research, she
decided a parrot would fit her needs nicely. It wouldn't be as much
work as a dog or a cat, and it would be very interesting to hear it
speak, but unfortunately they were quite expensive.

One day on a shopping trip she spotted a large, beautifully colored
parrot and asked the owner of the store for the price of the bird. The
owner said he let it go for $50. Delighted that such a rare and
beautiful bird wasn't more expensive, she agreed to buy it.

Before accepting her money, the owner said, "I should tell you first
that this bird used to live in a whorehouse. Sometimes it says some
pretty.....well, embarrassing stuff." The woman was so attracted to the
bird and the excellent price that she decided to buy it anyway.

When she got home she placed the bird's cage in her living room and
waited patiently for it to say something. The bird studied his new
surroundings, and his new owner, and finally said, "New house, new
madam." The woman was a little taken at the implication of what she had
just heard, but after a few minutes decided that it wasn't really all
that bad.

When her two teenage daughters came in from school, the bird Looked them
over and said,"New house, new madam, new whores!" After their initial
surprise was over, the girls joined their mother in laughter.

Shortly after 5PM the woman's husband came home from work. The bird
looked at him, the mother, and the girls and said, "New house, new
madam, new whores, same old faces. Hi Sam!"

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