Letter from Grandma

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Letter from Grandma

Life is so pleasant here at the Hillhaben Home. Everyone treats me so
nice. I share my little room with another lady, Martha Tyler. We have so
much in common. She is 91 and I'm 87. I can't tell you how much your
letters and gifts mean to me. Especially the lovely little radio.

I just listen to it all the time. Martha has had a little radio for five
years but she keeps it turned down so low I can hardly hear it. I used
to ask her to turn it up so I could enjoy it too, but she never would do
it. She doesn't mean to be that way, God love her. But, she's so old,
and all, bless her heart.

Last Thursday Martha knocked her radio off her little bedside table and
it broke into so many pieces that it can't be repaired. Poor soul, I
felt so sorry for her.

Tonight I listened to the Southern Methodist Hour on my own little set.
It was so wonderful hearing all the old hymns again.

Martha, God love her, came over to my bed with tears in her eyes and
asked me if I'd turn it up so she could hear it too.

Naturally I told her to get screwed, God bless her.

Love Grandma

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