Boudreaux the Zookeeper

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The Houston Zoo was transporting a large Female gorilla to the New
Orleans Zoo. Just outside of Lafayette, the gorilla begins to go crazy,
making it difficult to drive. The zookeepers realized that she was in
heat and pulled off at the next exit to try to figure out what to do to
calm her down. One of the zookeepers suggested that they find someone to
mate with her to hold her over until they could make it to New Orleans.
Just then, ol' Boudreaux was walking down the street toward the truck.
The zookeeper approached Boudreaux and said, "Excuse me, sir, but I have
a proposition for you. How about $50 bucks to mate with that gorilla in
the back of our truck?"

Boudreaux began to scratch his head and thought about the proposition
for a minute. Boudreaux agreed and said "I'll do it, but I got three

The zookeepers agreed and asked what his requests were. Boudreaux
replied, "First, nobody watch because it is kinda embarrassin. Second,
if dat gorilla come up pregnant, I don't want nuting to do wit de kid."

The zookeepers agreed and asked, "That's fine, but what is your third

Boudreaux said, "Ummmm, can dis wait 'til Friday? Dat's when I get

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