Free Sex with Fill Up

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This bloke is driving around town and he sees a sign outside the local
service station "Your chance to win free sex with every tank of petrol". He
thinks that this sounds OK, so he pulls in, fills up and goes to pay the
cashier. He hands over his money and then asks the man behind the counter
"What about the free sex?". The cashier replies, "That's our competition,
but to win what you have to do is guess a number between 1 and 1000, you've
got three goes."

So our friend has three guesses and the cashier tells him "Sorry mate you
didn't win this time". He drives off and he thinks to himself, "sounds like
I was had"

Next day he's telling his mate about it. "I saw this petrol station
yesterday where they reckon you can win free sex with a tank of petrol, but
it's all rigged like all of these competitions and you can't win"

His mate replies, "Nah it's straight, I know the one, my wife's been in there
and has won three times already"

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