In the field

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We met in a secluded field, the sun nearly kissing the evening horizon.
The warm breeze was full of that earthly, musky scent that only those
fortunate enough to live outside the urban rat race know, and quiet
whispering of the leaves in the weeping willow overhead added the final
touch to the most romantic scene.

We lay there, both naked, I knew I had to have her and have her now.
Without a word being spoken, I managed to move myself to a position of
dominance. I could feel instantly that this was what she had been waiting
for as she frantically thrust her pelvis at my approaching organ. I moved
slowly at first, inch by inch, until I was fully inside her. Then as
tension rose, we began the ultimate in sex. Although inexperienced, she
approached every change of position with enthusiasm, moaning with despair
every time I withdrew to prevent myself from ending it all too soon.

As sexual tension heightened towards the inevitable mind-blowing climax,
it was all I could do to hold out until the moment we had been both
waiting for was upon us. As it did we rolled together in the now damp
grass. As the last deep orange glow of the long set sun melted into the
darkness of approaching night, as we lay there still entwined in an
amorous embrace, I kissed her long and loving and whispered how good she
had been, she tenderly and sensuously licked my inner ear and whispered:
"Baaaa", then rejoined the flock.

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