Stranded on a desert island

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There were these three guys stranded on a desert island.
They'd been there a long time, as they had plenty of food and
water, but no way off. One day a big box drifted up to the
shore. They excitedly opened the box, only to find a bunch of
trash and old rags. At the bottom, though, they found a
magic lantern. Remembering the story of Alladin, they rubbed
the lamp furiously, and lo and behold a genie popped out. The
genie was very glad to be out of the lamp and agreed to grant
each of the guys any wish he may desire.

The first guy said, "You know, I was rich and powerful back at
home. I had a multi-million dollar corporation, fast cars,
faster women. I jet-setted all over the world, eating fine
food, drinking fine wine, seeing the world's wonders. My wish
is to return to the life I had."

POOF!! He disappeared.

The second guy said, "Well, I didn't have what that guy has.
I just had a job down at the local gas station. But I have a
beautiful wife, three beautiful and wonderful children - a
really nice and fulfilling life.
My only wish is return to my home."

POOF!! He also disappeared.

Now it was the third guy's turn, "Gosh, I didn't have a life
at all like either of those two. I'm not rich. I'm not
powerful. I'm not married. I'm not anyone's dad. I didn't
even have a job or a girlfriend. My life was pathetic. The
happiest days of my life were spent right here on this island.
You know, my wish is for my two buddies to come back."

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