F Word

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How could we ever get along without that dastardly "F"
word? Despite its detractors, many prominent people
in history have resorted to its use:

"What the Fuck was that?!?!" - Mayor of Hiroshima

"Where did all those Fucking Indians come from" - General
George Armstrong Custer

"Where is all this Fucking water coming from?" - Captain
of the Titanic

"Who's gonna' Fucking find out anyway?" - Richard Milhouse

"Any Fucking idiot could understand that!" - Albert

"How the Fuck did you work that out?" - Pythagoras

"You want what on the Fucking ceiling?" - Michaelangelo

"Well, Fuck a duck!!" - Walt Disney

"Why? What do you mean, 'Why?' Because it's Fucking
there!" - Sir Edmund F. Hillary

"Fucking partly cloudy with only a slight chance of
rain, MY ASS!" - Noah

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