Elle on the Golf Course

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Elle McPherson has taken up golf and has been trying to break 100, but
can't. She's shot 101, 102, but can't break the ton. One day she turns
up at her local golf course and asked three guys teeing off, if she can
join them. These guys are wrapped and agree immediately.

She tells them of her desire to break 100 and one of the guys says, "We
are three handy golfers and we will give you a few tips on the way
around and see what happens". After 17 holes, Elle is at 95 and only a
short par 4 lies between her and her dreams. After her third shot, she
lies only 12 inches from the cup. Elle turns to the 3 guys and says,
"OK, I only need this putt to break 100 and you guys have been giving
me great tips all day.

The guy who gives me the best tip and helps me get this putt, I will
make wild passionate love to them right here. This won't be your average
roll in the hay, this will be earth shattering, mind blowing, trembling,
ohhh my God, the most unbelievable love making session ever. You will be
telling your children about this and they in turn will tell theirs and
their grandchildren will still be telling their grandchildren long after
you're gone". These 3 guys get a little nervy as the prize on the offer
is awesome.

Elle turns to the first guy and asks, "What's your tip?" He replies,
"It's a little right to left breaker, just aim at the leaf and let the
putt die into the cup."

Elle turns to the second guy and asks, "What's your tip?" He has to
think of something better, so he tells her, "Don't give the hole away,
you will never forgive yourself if you come up short, just hit it firm
to the back of the hole." She takes this advice on board and turns to
the third guy who, by this time is stark naked and in an obvious state
of excitement.

Elle shrieks, "What are you doing?" There was a slight pause as the
third naked naked man settles himself onto the green... "Pick it up" He
says, "it's a gimme."

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