Three preachers

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Three preachers were killed in a plane crash and went and stood
before St. Peter, who told them that , as there had been a major
catastrophe in another part of the world, they were really backed up
at admissions, so seeing as they were men of the Cloth, they were to
reincarnate until such time as they could be processed in to Heaven.
"One draw back," he tells them,"you can't go back as humans, but as
anything else you wish."

The first preacher didn't hesitate," That's easy," he says," I always
liked flying, I want to be an eagle, able to fly over mountains and
valleys." "No problem," says St. Pete, and pffftt, off he goes.

The second preacher tells him, "You know, I always loved the ocean
and have often thought how neat it would be to be a whale and be able
to go way down deep where no man or sub has ever gone." "No
problem," say St. Pete, and pffft, off he goes.

This brings him to the third preacher, who tells him,"You know, I've
spent my entire live in the service of our Lord, and just once, I
thought about a walk on the wild side, so I think that I want to be
a Stud" Giving him a worried look, St. Pete tells him," No problem,"
and pffft, off he goes too.

A few weeks later, God comes to St. Peter and tells him that they are
all caught up , and that he can call the preachers home now for their
reward. St. Peter thought for a few minuets and says, "Umm, let see
now, the first preacher wanted to be an eagle, so we'll let a
poacher shoot him and we'll have him back. The second one wanted to
be a whale, so we'll let the Russians or the Japs harpoon him and
we'll have back. But that third one, he may be a bit of a problem."

"Oh, and why is that ?" asks God.

"Well," says St. Pete , " For some strange reason, he wanted to be a
stud, and now he's lost somewhere in a housing project in New

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