Mouse Balls

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Some of the best humor is real-to-life. This story was related
to me yesterday by the pastor himself (not a computer literate
person by his own admission) as he told of a real phone call he
received from the church secretary last week.

Secretary: Pastor, we've got a problem in the computer lab where
you met with the confirmation class last week. Some of the boys
in the class started messing with the mice.

Pastor: What?!?! {thinking: we've got mice in there????}

Secretary: Yeah, it seems some of the boys removed their balls.

Pastor: {incredulously:} did what?????? How in
the world did they do that?

Secretary: They must have used a screwdriver or something.

Pastor: We've got some pretty sick boys... I... I... didn't
even realize mice had balls...

Secretary: Yeah, they roll around on 'em.

Pastor: What?????? {still thinking of the little fury real
animals} Well...what can we do?

Secretary: I guess we'll have to put 'em back on.

Pastor: WHAT????????!!!!!!

Secretary: Hmmm....Pastor, are we talking about the same thing?!

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