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Once there were two star Auburn football players that had
failed a test, and could not play football in the championship game.
So, after a lot of begging from the coach, the teacher finally let
the two take the test again. They took the test, and turned it in.
The coach and the two students watched carefully over the teacher
grading the tests. She checked over the first test, then over the
second test. Half way through the second test she stopped and put a
great big "F" on both tests.

The coach was furious and demanded an explanation. She said that they
had cheated. "Why?" the coach asked. The teacher showed him number
six. The coach looked at number six on the first test. The answer
read "I don't know." The coach said that it didn't prove anything.
So, the teacher handed him the second test. The answer read "I don't
know either."

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