Motorcycle accident

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Two guys were riding on a motorcycle. The first guy says, "Man, I am
freezing back here!" So the second guy says, "Well hang on and I will
stop. We can turn your jacket around and that will block the wind. So
the two guys stop and the guy turns his jacket around. They both get
back on the bike and head on down the road. A few moments later, the
guy on the front of the bike realized that his buddy wasn't answering
him so he turned around and sure enough he was gone. He said, "Oh my
god he's my buddy. I have to go back for him!" Well he went back down
the road and saw a bunch of farmers standing in the middle of the
road. He stopped the bike and ran over to them and screamed out if he
was alright. One farmer looked at him and said, "He seemed to be ok
until we turned his head around the right way. He hasn't said a word

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