Home Again

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This lady who was living in New York City had to get back to her old
country but she was broke. One day she wandered down to the docks and
spotted a worker getting ready to load supplies onto a boat. "Please I
need to get back to England" she pleaded. "If you sneak me on board
tonight I'll give you favors all the way across the ocean. Well needless
to say later that night he put her in a duffel bag and carried her on
board. Down in the hold where she was hidden he said, "When I bring you
some food, twice a day, I'll collect." And being true to her word she
agreed. This went on for about a week when by accident the captain found
her. "Please don't get angry'" she started to say and explained the
story to the captain who busted up laughing. "Why are you laughing?" she
demanded. He said, "Because your on the Staten Island Ferry."

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