A Texan in Heaven

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A Texan died and went to heaven where St. Peter met him at the Pearly

"Show me what you got, Pete," said the Texan. St. Peter swung open the
gates and revealed a beautiful landscape of mountains, rivers, streams,
trees, flowers and all the trimmings.

"We've got that in Texas. We call it Supreme Ranch" said Texan St. Pete
flashed up a scene of men, women and children frolicking on the
countryside, riding coaches, swinging, swimming, riding horses, bicycling,

"We've got that, too. We call it Six Flags."

Whereupon St. Peter threw open a trapdoor of the fires of Hell and out
shot a huge ball of fire followed by a solid stream of flame sweeping over
the entire area. The blinding light and heat were enormous.

"We don't have that," said the Texan, "but we've got a guy in Houston who
can put it out."

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