Top 16 Signs Your Janitor is Not a Mathematical Genius

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Top 16 Signs Your Janitor is Not a Mathematical Genius

16> Only 47 different locks in the building, but 150 keys on his
key ring.

15> He's wallpapered the boiler room with old lottery tickets.

14> For some reason, counting to five often involves a journey
into the double digits.

13> Uses WD-40 instead of Formula 409 when cleaning windows
because "them big numbers is mighty scary."

12> The two quarters, two dimes and "pretty rock from the
parking lot" he gave you as change for a dollar.

11> When told to provide two roles of toilet paper for all five
bathroom stalls asks how many toilets that would be.

10> Despite lowering his trousers, can't seem to count past 21.

9> Take-home pay per week: $300. Price of keeping his kids in
Nikes per week: $400.

8> Somehow thought he'd be getting more from his divorce
settlement with Rosanne.

7> Says he enjoyed Wrestlemania X so much, he can't wait for
Wrestlemania Y.

6> Thinks "circumference" is a Jewish ritual and "denominator"
a Schwarzenegger movie.

5> His greatest math accomplishment? Formulated "Vern's Theorem"
-- E=TP squared (Everyone loves an extra roll of toilet paper!)

4> His "Liquid Plumber" requires precisely one 6-pack and a
30-minute wait.

3> Couldn't remember so he had "2 parts water, 1 part Spic 'N'
Span" tattooed on his forearm.

2> His "miracle cleaner"? 40% Mr. Clean and 90% water.

and the Number 1 Sign Your Janitor is Not a Mathematical Genius...

1> He tries to measure Minnie Driver's head with anything less
than a yardstick.

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