Health Care

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The Queen of England is touring an American Hospital with the Surgeon
As they walk through the corridors she looks into a patient's room. In
the room, is a man laying on his bed masturbating. "Oh my stars! What
on earth is going on in there?!" exclaimed the Queen.

The Surgeon General replied, "Why mam, this man has a serious testicle
disorder, if he does not relieve himself this way at least five times a
day, they will fill up with semen and explode." "Oh, the poor dear!"
the Queen said sorrowfully.

Further up the hall the queen looks into another patient's room and
there is a man laying on his bed with a nurse giving him a blow job!
"That's disgusting!" exclaimed the queen, "What's going on in there?!"
The Surgeon General replied, "same problem, better health plan."

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