Sneaky drunk

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Dan is in a bar and he has had quite a few drinks already. At two
o'clock, last round is called. Although he knows he shouldn't, he
drinks another beer, simply because they taste so good. After the
final beer, he slides from his stool, and immediately drops to the
floor! This was not what he expected. He knew he'd had some beer,
but...He tries to get up but again, he falls. After several more
attempts, he gives up and decides to crawl home. At the door of his
house, he realizes it is better not to try to stand up, since he will
almost certainly fall over again and wake up his wife. So he crawls
inside to his bed and slips under the covers without awakening his
wife. The next morning his wife asks him furiously, "Were you drunk
again last night?" Dan is surprised and asks her how she knew. "They
called from the bar this left without your wheelchair

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