The Rabbi's Blessed Hat

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A Rabbi is walking slowly out of a Shul in New York when a gust of
wind blows his hat down the street. He's an old man with a cane and
can't walk fast enough to catch his hat. Across the street a man sees
what has happened and rushes over to grab the hat and returns it to
the Rabbi. "I don't think I would have been able to catch my hat." the
Rabbi says. "Thank you very much." The Rabbi places his hand on his
shoulder and says, "May God bless you."

The young man thinks to himself, "I've been blessed by the Rabbi, this
must be my lucky day!" So he goes to the Racetrack and in the first
race he sees there is a horse named Stetson at 20 to 1. He bets $50
and sure enough the horse comes in first. In the second race he sees a
horse named Fedora at 30 to 1 so he bets it all and this horse comes
in first also.

Finally at the end of the day he returns home to his wife who asks him
where he's been. He explains how he caught the Rabbis hat and was
blessed by him and the went to the track and started winning on horses
that had a hat in their names. "So where's the money," she says?

"I lost it all in the ninth race. I bet on a horse named Chateau and
it lost."

"You fool, Chateau is a house, Chapeau is a hat."

"It doesn't matter," he said, "the winner was some Japanese horse
named Yarmuka."

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