Good horse

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This hot and dusty cowboy rode in from the mesa, filthy and
exhausted. He had had nothing but his horse for company for a couple of weeks
and was looking forward to a couple of cold beers in the saloon. Swinging
off his horse and hitching it to the rail, the cowboy gave his horse an
affectionate slap on the neck. Then he astonished an old cowhand lounging on
the porch by moving around to the horse's hindquarters, lifting up it tail,
and planting a demure kiss on its asshole.
"What'd you do that for?" asked the cowhand, completely repulsed.
"Chapped lips," said the cowboy, heading for the saloon doors.
"Wait a minute," said the old guy. "Whaddaya mean, chapped lips?"
"Keeps ya from lickin' 'em," explained the cowboy.

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