Devoted to God

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Three couples applied for membership to a new church, the pastor
explained, " First you must show your devotion to god by remaining
celibate for three weeks." The couples agreed that was not too much to
ask, and went on their way. Three weeks later the couples returned.

The pastor asked the first couple of their experience, to which they
replied, "The first week was most challenging, but with gods help, the
remaining two weeks were quite insightful."

"Bless you my children," the pastor replied with an approving smile,
"and welcome to our congregation." The pastor then looked to the
second couple and asked if they had grown from their experience as
well, to which they replied, "Well the first two weeks were sort-of
touch and go, if you know what I mean, but we figured it was for a
good cause and all... so we finally made it."

The pastor then looked upon the third couple with great expectation
and asked them the same question.

"Not so good," the man answered ashamed of himself, "The first
coupla-days went okay, but when I saw my wife bend over to get in the
refrigerator... well... I just kinda lost it."

The pastor's look became very disapproving. "I'm afraid you will not
be allowed to join our church."

"That's okay," the man said sheepishly, "They wont let us in the grocery
store anymore either."

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