Neutered Camels

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As a merchant in the caravan business, Ahmed was well aware that a
neutered camel can go longer and further without water than one
which has not been neutered. But although he knew he was losing
money, he couldn't bear the thought of inflicting such pain on his
lead camel, which was really more of a pet than a beast of burden.

Walking through a bazaar one day he found the solution to his
dilemma: a sign which read "CAMELS GELDED WITHOUT PAIN." Making
inquired of the stall's proprietor, he was assured that the operation
was quick and absolutely painless. There would be no suffering. A
price was negotiated and the merchant returned the next day with
his favorite camel in tow. The camel gelder picked up two bricks,
approached the camel from the rear, took aim, and smashed the bricks
together with a sound like a thunderclap. With a bellow of agony,
the camel collapsed to its knees.

The merchant was horrified. "You promised it would be painless!" he
cried, cradling his camel's head.

"Why it is," explained the gelder, "as long alas you don't get your
thumbs caught between the bricks."

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